Crossword Efraín Barradas – Clarity

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1. _____; hometown of Efraín Barradas, writer, professor and critic of literature and art.

8. Short for mom.

9. Observe.

10. Watch.

11. From the _____ shore: Dominican essays, notes, and prologues; (2021) Barradas book published by Ediciones Cieloranja.

13. To read in Puerto Rican: approach to the _____ of Luis Rafael Sánchez; (1981) Barradas book published by Editorial Cultural.

15. You execute an action.

17. 1968: emblematic _____ and door to the future; (2018) written by Barradas published in Claridad/En Rojo.

18. Before Christ.

19. Seventeenth letter of the Greek alphabet.

20. Brief note on the poetry of _____ Vitale; (2019) written by Barradas published in 80grados.

22. Mind, look, hand. Visions and revisions of the work of Lorenzo _____; (2007) Barradas’ book published by Ediciones Huracán.

24. Consuelo _____ Tapia; Puerto Rican patriot. Author of «With one less shoulder».

26. Owner.

28. The necessary innovation of _____ Lydia Vega: preamble for virgin readers; essay by Barradas published by the University of Massachusetts/Boston.

29. Donad.

31. Entity.

32. Ring.

34. From _____ Mateo to Santurce a step is not: About a book of Santurcian chronicles; (2019) written by Barradas for Clarity/En Rojo.

35. Radius symbol.

37. I know.

38. _____ Maroons by Nelson Sambolín crowned with Neo-Baroque birds; (2021) written by Barradas for 80grados.

39. River of Italy.

40. To devour you another _____: New approaches to the work of Luis Rafael Sánchez; (2017) Barradas book published by Ediciones Cieloranja.

41. Preposition.

46. ​​Action and effect of praise.

47. Myrna Báez: tribute _____ forgotten piece; (2018) written by Barradas for Clarity/En Rojo.

48. Heretics and Mystifiers: Sample of Puerto Rican _____ in the United States; (1980) a book by Barradas and Rafael Rodríguez published by Ediciones Huracán.

49. Oxygen symbol.

50. _____ Barradas; Her parents were Juanita Feliciano González and Efraín Barradas Mejías. He studied at the UPR-RP and obtained his master’s and doctorate in Romance languages ​​at Princeton University. He was a professor at the University of Massachusetts, among others.


1. Pitta _____; Mexican writer. Author of «The bitter tears of Beatriz Sheridan».

2. You are a gatas.

3. Warranty.

4. Theatrical memories: About a book _____ Rosa Luisa Márquez; (2021) written by Barradas for Clarity/En Rojo.

5. Town of Navarra belonging to the municipality of Esteríbar.

6. Fleur de lis.

7. You till the land.

12. The wind will blow in gusts.

14. Ephraim _____; author of «Apalabramiento: ten Puerto Rican storytellers of today», «From the other shore: Dominican essays, notes and prologues», «Brief note on the poetry of Ida Vitale» and «El Santo Domingo de Miguel D. Mena».

16. You, abbrev.

21. _____ Rock; Cuban revolutionary and president of the National Assembly (1976-1981).

23. Parts of a _____. Essays and Notes on Puerto Rican Literature in the United States; (1998) Barradas book published by the UPR.

25. _____ 6, 1947; birth of Barradas, author of “1968: emblematic year and door to the future”, “To devour you again: new approaches to the work of Luis Rafael Sánchez” and “Parts of a whole”.

27. Oceans.

30. Now.

33. Where, poetically.

36. Santo Domingo _____ Miguel D. Mena; (2022) written by Barradas for Clarity/En Rojo.

39. Vicente _____ Matos; Puerto Rican writer. Author of “Winds and Foam”.

42. Garnish.

43. _____ Origins magazine, 1944-1956; (1978) Barradas thesis for Princeton University.

44. _____ understand each other: Puerto Rican poetic inventory – 19th and 20th centuries; (1992) Barradas’ book published by the ICP.

45. From the verb ociar.

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