cruise ship collided in Alaska against an iceberg; what happened and how was it

The shocking moment was recorded by one of the tourists, who recorded the exact moment in which the ship in which he was traveling to the Hubbard Glacier in Alaska (USA), with some 2,000 people on board, hit an iceberg last Saturday near Yakutat Bay and suffered damage to her starboard bow (front right of the boat).

It was the Norwegian Sun cruise ship, of the Norwegian Cruise Line company, which had to divert its course to a port in the city of Juneau, Alaska, to be inspected and repaired.

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According to what was reported by the company, everything would have been a product of the low visibility that existed at that time, which prevented the captain from diverting in time to avoid the collision.

“While transiting towards the Hubbard Glacier in Alaska, the Norwegian Sun was engulfed in dense fog, which limited visibility and caused the ship to make contact with an iceberg,” a company spokesperson explained. North American medium Cruise Hive.

According to the worker, some of the passengers were asleep and did not feel the noise, while others were attentive and managed to realize what had happened.

After being evaluated, the specialists recommended that he should return to Seattle for repairs, since he had to undergo surgery for the accident.

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Nate Littlejohn, Coast Guard Petty Officer, confirmed to Juneau Empire no injuries were reported. “The captain reported the incident to the National Guard as soon as it happened, and clarified that a search and rescue mission was not required,” counted.

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For their part, some of the passengers reported to the same medium the moments of tension that were experienced after the crash. “It was a terrifying experience” “The entire ship came to a complete stop on impact. The iceberg was the size of a truck. “the boat had a strong vibration. She could feel the blow. And then she leaned in”, were some of the reactions.

The fact caused the new crossing of the ship, scheduled for this Tuesday, July 5, to be cancelled. Although the boat suffered only minor damage and the hull was not broken, repairs will take some time.

Here, the video of the moment shared on Twitter:

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