Cuban migrant crisis: two cruise ships rescued rafters off the coast of Florida

Cruise ships rescue Cuban rafters

The phenomenon does not stop. More and more Cubans are deciding to throw themselves into the sea, even in extremely precarious conditions, in search of freedom in the United States and fleeing from the repression of the communist regime on the Caribbean island. To the massive arrival of the so-called rafters on the coast of the Florida Keys this past weekend (which added up to half a thousand people in just three days), two more cases were added: the rescue of two groups of migrants by cruise ships.

Videos of cruise ship passengers and crew members circulating online documenting how security teams Carnival Celebrationwhich was bound for the port of Miami, and the Celebrity Beyondbound for the port of Fort Lauderdale, changed their routes to save two groups of migrants who were at risk on the high seas.

The director of the Carnival cruise announced Monday at 11 a.m. over the ship’s loudspeakers that they had spotted a raft with several people inside who seemed to need help. Immediately, the cruise ship changed its course and approached the precarious vessel to rescue the migrants. According to the account of several passengers, the Cubans had been at sea for at least seven days without food or water. The cruise returned to Miami today Tuesday morning.

It was confirmed that there were five people, who received medical attention and food on the cruise and that later were made available to the Coast Guard authoritiesas provided by law.

The crew spotted a raft with five people in an emergency situation 25 nautical miles northwest of Cuba on Monday morning. As always happens in these cases, we stop to help them. After the rescue, the United States authorities were notified,” he told the press. Matt Lupolispokesman for the Carnival cruise line.

Celebrity Beyond rescues boat with refugees while returning to Florida

But the curious thing is that on the same day, a short distance from there in the same sea, another cruise ship also did its own rescue of Cuban migrants. The crew of Celebrity Beyond, a luxury cruise ship, spotted a precarious vessel with 19 people on board practically stacked together.

According to the cruise captain herself, Kate McCue, who uploaded a video to his Instagram account, the cruise ship was passing near Cuba on its way to Fort Lauderdale when they saw people in an emergency situation. Without hesitation, they approached to rescue them. The 19 people were treated by doctors on board the cruise ship and received food and drinks. They were also made available to the Coast Guard.

Under maritime law, cruise ships are required to stop to help if they see an emergency at sea.

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