Cultural “Awakening” – Like Don Quixote

In the end they got there: they also censored George Orwell’s 1984, and all this happened in his own England. The University of Northampton, a city in central England halfway between London and Birmingham, is preparing the program for the “Identity Under Construction” study module. has seen fit to “warn” the students that some works whose reading is foreseen in the course contain “explicit material” that could be “offensive and disconcerting”. In addition to Orwell’s masterpiece, it was Samuel Beckett’s play “Finale di Gioco”, the graphic novel “V for Vendetta” by Alan Moore and David Lloyd and the novel “The sex of cherries” by Samuel Beckett. Jeanette Winterson. These texts deal with topics that it is not polite to talk about: violence, gender, sexuality, class, race and, unbelievably, “political ideas”. Reading 1984 would therefore be “dangerous” as it could lead the unwary reader to ask two questions about the present and how the Orwellian dystopia is taking place before our very eyes. It is the latest manifestation of the “woke” culture which, born overseas, is also taking root in old Europe. This cultural “awakening” involves a paroxysmal devotion to the “politically correct” that leads to its parody. Avant-garde of liberalism, it ends up denying all its premises, exalting an omnipresent and omnipotent censorship capable of “purging” language, erasing history, suppressing “bad thoughts”. “Identity under construction” is to be interpreted as “Cancellation of identities”. The next step will be the cathartic burning of abject, unhealthy, controversial works that make you think too much and too often. And they will always and in any case do so in the name of “freedom of expression”, “critical thinking” and “progress”.

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