Culture: “Helen K” at the Point-du-Jour theater, the love of learning

Learning and friendship are at the heart of a touching show at the Point-du-Jour theater

At the origin of Elsa Imbert’s show, there is the moving story of Helen Keller. It was born at the end of the 19th century in Alabama. She is deaf and blind, locked in hopeless isolation. Until her educator, Annie, invents with this child of rare intelligence a language inspired by Morse code, sign and dance. The world then begins to have another flavor. For her but also for those around her.

It is this wonderful story of friendship that inspired Leïla Ka, hip-hop dancer, Noémie Pasteger and Stéphane Piveteau. On stage, they retrace the main learning stages of Helen Keller.

Helen K – From May 17 to 19 at Point du Jour Theater

During the performances on May 18 and 19, Delphine Saint-Raymond, a virtuoso and deaf actress, offers an adaptation of the show in French Sign Language.

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