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The range of films on Sky and WOW is huge. It’s easy to lose track of things, but real gems are hidden here. Our list of current recommendations for 2023 will help.

In addition to exclusive series, some of which will be broadcast parallel to the US launch, as well as high-quality in-house productions such as “The boat“, Sky also has a large selection of films to offer. These include film classics as well as cinema hits and blockbusters from recent years. To make it easier for you to choose, you will find our top 15 below.

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The best films on Sky and WOW 2023

With the large selection and the large number of monthly new releases on Sky, orientation is not easy. To help you choose a great movie night, we’ve put together a list of the top 15 movies on Sky. Sorted by genre, you will find our current recommendations here. Have fun discovering!


  • „The Lost City“ (Romance/Comedy, 2022): On a reading tour, author Loretta (Sandra Bullock) is kidnapped by a power-hungry entrepreneur’s son. Her cover model, Alan (Channing Tatum), sets out to rescue Loretta with the help of Jack (Brad Pitt).
  • „Long Shot“ (Romance/Comedy, 2019): Unemployed journalist Fred (Seth Rogen) meets his childhood sweetheart Charlotte (Charlize Theron) who is preparing for her presidential candidacy. Completely unexpectedly, she hires him as a speechwriter and the two become closer…
  • “Children’s Heads” (Comedy, 2010): The death of their old basketball coach brings a group of friends back together after 30 years. Together with their families, they bring the old days back to life and spend a long weekend together.


  • „Blue Bayou“ (2022 Drama): Korean-born Antonio (Justin Chon) lives in Louisiana with his wife and daughter. When he gets into trouble, he threatens to be deported. Can his forced departure still be prevented?
  • „Belfast“ (2022 biography/drama): Young Buddy (Jude Hill) and his family find themselves caught between the fronts in the late 1960s when the conflict between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland threatens to escalate.
  • „The Father“ (Mystery/Drama, 2020): Heartbreaking drama about the difficult relationship between Anne (Olivia Coleman) and her father Anthony (Anthony Hopkins), who is rapidly becoming demented, whose memory gaps increasingly burden his own life and that of his daughter.


  • „Es“ (Horror, 2017): Teenager Bill (Jaeden Lieberher) is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his little brother. Together with his friends, he investigates similar cases and ultimately has to take on Pennywise. Scary remake of Stephen King classic.
  • „Conjuring“ (Horror/Mystery, 2013): Ghostbusting couple Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) are called to an old farmhouse where a newly moved family is being threatened by mysterious forces. As it stands, the only way the new residents can be saved from the worst is through an exorcism.
  • „Shining“ (Horror/Drama, 1980): The Torrance family spends the winter in a remote hotel. It doesn’t take long and frightening events begin to pile up. An evil force is driving family man Jack (Jack Nicholson) insane. The situation escalates during a storm – can the wife and child save themselves from the murderous Jack?

Animation/Family Movies

  • “Minions – In Search of the Miniboss” (Animation/Adventure/Comedy, 2022): The sequel to the popular animated series takes us on a little journey through time and tells how the Minions found their leader in Gru, who was twelve at the time. However, the little yellow helpers cause a lot of chaos on the way to fulfilling his big dream of becoming the greatest super villain of all time.
  • „Ostwind“ (Family film, 2013): After the botched transfer, Mika (Hanna Binke) is sent to her grandmother’s riding stables so that she can learn there in peace. But instead, the student develops a strong connection to the east wind, which is considered useless and dangerous. However, the graceful horse is to be sold soon – or can Mika prevent that?
  • „Madagascar“ (Adventure/Animation/Comedy, 2005): A group of zoo animals escape to experience real life in the wild. Her chaotic trip takes her to Madagascar and a group of strange lemurs.


  • „The Batman“ (Action/Crime/Drama, 2022): Dark reimagining of the popular comic book series, in which Robert Pattinson as a young Bruce Wayne deals with a scheming serial killer named Riddler (Paul Dano) and uncovers secrets of his own family in the process.
  • „Dune“ (Sci-Fi/Action, 2021): In the star-studded new edition of the novel series of the same name, a merciless war breaks out over the precious Spice. Can young Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) form an alliance that will save both his family and the people of Arrakis?
  • „Blade Runner 2049“ (Action/Sci-Fi/Mystery, 2017): While searching for ancient replicants, Officer K (Ryan Gosling) uncovers a well-kept secret and gets on the trail of former blade runner Deckard (Harrison Ford)…

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