Cyclone bomb in the US: the chaos caused in the middle of Christmas by the worst snowstorm to hit the country in 4 decades

  • By Nadine Yousif
  • BBC News
December 22, 2022

Updated 33 minutes

image source, Getty Images


Snowy conditions and icy roads are expected to create travel chaos this weekend.

The major winter storm hitting the United States this week may bring the coldest Christmas in four decades, forecasters warn.

More than 200 million people are under winter weather alert on one of the busiest tourist days of the year. Temperatures could drop to minus 57 degrees Celsius.

The cold snap began in the Pacific Northwest on Tuesday, then turned east. Friday is expected to become a “cyclonic pump“.

This arctic storm affects much of the United States and Canada. The alerts extend from coast to coast and reach as far south as the border with Mexico.

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