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Good news from the USA gave the European stock markets a tailwind again today. Inflation fell to 6.5 percent in December and initial US jobless claims also fell. The hope of strong data had already fueled the leading indices in advance. Nevertheless, the DAX®, CAC®40 and Euro STOXX®50 each improved by around 0.7 percent today.

The fall in US inflation also supported the bond market. The yields on 10-year German government bonds temporarily fell to 2.06 percent and finally leveled off at 2.13 percent. The yield on comparable US paper fell back to 3.52 percent. The precious metals, on the other hand, showed no significant reaction. The price of gold failed to sustain the $1,900 mark. Palladium, platinum and silver meanwhile continued to stagnate in their corridor of the past trading days. But the price of oil is attracting the attention of more and more investors. The listing for a barrel of Brent Crude Oil continued the recovery course of the past few days and approached the resistance level of USD 86.

company in focus

The commercial vehicle manufacturer Daimler Truck put around 14 percent more vehicles on the road in 2022 than a year earlier. Investors acknowledged the message with a slight price increase. the German Lufthansa continued to soar today. The subsidiary Eurowings expects a significant increase in ticket prices over the course of the year. The plant builder GEA Group expects continued strong demand from the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Since the low last autumn, the share has gained around a third and today passed the EUR 40 mark. The biotech group MorphoSys presented at a conference at JP Morgan, positive interim results for the potential bone marrow cancer drug pelabresib. At the turn of the year, the stock fell to its lowest level since 2009. Since then, the stock listed in the SDAX® has been able to distance itself from this low. There are no signals for a sustainable trend reversal above EUR 16.70 at the earliest. Siemens Energy was able to land the next major order. After yesterday’s jump, the paper gave up a bit today.

The real estate share index was one of the strongest strategy and theme indices today FTSE EPRA Nareit Eurozone Net TRIthe European Biotech Index as well as the ESG Global Anti Plastic Index. The game developer Ubisoft fell in double digits today. The background is an impending operating loss in the current financial year and the postponement of games such as “Skull & Bones” and the discontinuation of other unannounced games. The price slump pushed the Global eSports & Gaming Index in the loss zone.

Earnings season starts tomorrow in the US. with Bank of America, Blackrock, Citigroup, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo traditionally start the financial service providers.

Important appointments

  • China: Balance of Trade, December 2022
  • Germany: producer prices of agricultural products, November 2022
  • France: consumer prices, December 2022, final
  • Italy: Industrial Production, November 2022
  • Eurozone: Industrial Production, November 2022
  • USA: import prices, December 2022
  • Minneapolis Fed President Kashkari participates in a discussion on the economic challenges facing manufacturing ahead of the 2023 virtual Regional Economic Conditions Conference
  • US: Uni Michigan Consumer Confidence, January 2023, preliminary
  • Philadelphia Fed President Harker participates in a panel discussion on economic trends and speaks as part of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia Economic Outlook Survey

Chart: DAX®

Resistance marks: 15,430/16,170 points

Support Tokens: 14110/14560/14810 points

After a friendly start to trading, the commuted DAX® between 14,970 and 15,080 points later in the day and closed at the upper end of the range. This confirmed the upward trend. The next resistance level is at 15,430 points. The bulls currently have the scepter firmly under control. Possible setbacks to 14,810 or 14,560 points could be interesting entry opportunities. A change in mood is indicated at the earliest below 14,360 points.

DAX®in points; Daily chart (1 candle = 1 day)

Observation period: October 4th, 2021 – January 12th, 2023. Historical observations are not reliable indicators of future developments. Source:tradingdesk.onemarkets.de

DAX®in points; Weekly chart (1 candle = 1 week)

Observation period: 01/13/2016 – 01/12/2023. Historical observations are not reliable indicators of future developments.Those:tradingdesk.onemarkets.de

Bonus cap certificate on the DAX® for speculation that the index is moving sideways or moderately up

Underlying WKN Selling price in EUR barrier in pt Bonuslevel/Cap in Pkt. Final Observation Day
DAX® HB53QV 221,54 11.000 23.000 16.06.2023
DAX® HB53QU 258,92 11.750 27.500 16.06.2023
Source: HypoVereinsbank onemarkets; Status: 01/12/2023; 5:15 p.m.;

Factor certificates long on the DAX®

Underlying WKN Selling price in euros Factor Basic price in pt. Resetbarriere in Pkt. Final Valuation Date
DAX® HB9WK8 22,97 15 13.953,331383 14.451,465313 Open End
DAX® HC01HP 16,13 20 14.202,476075 14.576,001196 Open End
Source: HypoVereinsbank onemarkets; Status: 01/12/2023; 5:15 p.m

Factor certificates short on the DAX®

Underlying WKN Selling price in euros Factor Basic price in pt. Resetbarriere in Pkt. Final Valuation Date
DAX® HC291A 2,34 -15 15.944,031733 15.444,98354 Open End
DAX® HC292V 1,47 -20 15.694,88704 15.321,348728 Open End
Source: HypoVereinsbank onemarkets; Status: 01/12/2023; 17:15 watch

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