Damar Hamlin shows signs of progress

The player of the Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlinstill hospitalized in critical condition after going into cardiac arrest during an NFL game on Monday, has shown encouraging signs of progress in recent hoursas announced by the franchise on Wednesday.

“Damar remains in critical condition with signs of improvement noted between Tuesday and tonight. He is expected to remain in intensive care with the healthcare team continuing to monitor and care for him,” the franchise tweeted.

An announcement that confirms the testimonies of various relatives of Hamlin to various US media. “Things are going in a positive direction right now”Hamlin’s friend and marketing representative previously told NFL Network, Jordon Rooney. A message of the same tone as the one sent to ESPN by the player’s agent, Ron Butlerstating with a bit more precision that “Her oxygen levels have improved.”

Your uncle, Dorrian Glennalso in statements to ESPN, assured that the condition of his nephew “it is improving compared to the day before”. On Monday night, Hamlin went into cardiac arrest after a chest concussion when he tackled an opponent against the Bengals in Cincinnati.

The 24-year-old Bills safety was rushed to receive his first medical treatment, for more than half an hour. “His heart started beating again and he was transferred to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center,” the club said of him at the time. Dorrian Glenn told ESPN that doctors had to resuscitate Hamlin twice, first on the field and then once he got to the hospital.

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