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Researchers found that a Aleutian Islands group, close to Alaska may actually be a super volcano interconnected with a giant underground caldera That could rock the world The news was known days ago in the Geophysical Union of USA when a group of scientists presented results from a study suggesting a supervolcano in an unexpected region, in a set of small mountains located in the Aleutians could be part of a single gigantic supervolcano.

Everything points to what the reliefs are inside a huge crater under the sea, created when the supervolcano exploded in the past. They would be so big that a possible eruption could disturb several regions in the world. If the suspicions are correct, the newly found volcanic caldera will fall into the same category as Yellowstone, that is, volcanoes that have already caused eruptions with serious results in the past.

In the central Aleutian Islands there is a small group of six volcanoes (Carlisle, Cleveland, Herbert, Kagamil, Tana and Uliaga), whose mountains have a conical and steep appearance, typical of volcanoes and which show activity, especially Cleveland, many times analyzed. Despite the enormous difficulties in accessing the site, scientists have evidence of the interconnectivity between these volcanoes, whose geographical arrangement is ring-shaped, arc-shaped ridges on the seabed and a depression 130m deep in the center, revealed by satellite mapping. Volcanic gas analysis and micro-earthquake patterns suggest that there is a large caldera there. Unlike stratovolcanoes, which have small underground magma deposits, a caldera is created through a huge deposit located in the earth’s crust. When the force of the magma pressure exceeds the force of the crust, huge amounts of lava and ash can leap to the surface and generate a catastrophic eruption.

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