Darts in Kovrov, in the Birmingham pub, to the music of Linkin Park / # 444 | One Darts

Darts is not just a game. This is a professional sport in which official tournaments are held. Plus, it’s a fun pub game that you can enjoy while sipping beer with friends, which is what happened in late December.

Game organizer Sergey Sadov:

I am glad that the regulars of the Birmingham pub have tried darts once and have become regular participants in amateur tournaments. In general, darts is a game of friends. There is a lot of live communication at the competitions, and on a variety of topics. During the competition, and not only, there are a lot of emotions. If you watch darts on TV, it’s a show. We are certainly not on such a scale, but the emotions of the participants and the spectators cheering for them are also off scale. This time there were only 8 participants in Birmingham, but now everyone is preparing for the New Year. Last time there were more than 20 participants. The active VK community “Darts in Kovrov” holds competitions of different levels. Amateur competitions are held in the Birmingham pub, and the Open Kovrov Darts League is held in the 13 Rules bar. We also organize city competitions and competitions for sports competitions of city enterprises.

Sergey, together with a friend, made two homemade stands for targets and their illumination.

The only limitation is not directly during dart throws.

A clear plus of “Birmingham” is that you can order rock music in the background. When I listened to all my favorite songs by Linkin Park, I asked to include all my favorite songs by Marylin Manson, and it happened.

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The main game of darts is 501 (with the closing of the sector doubling), but in general there are many different games – Cricket, Sector 20, Sector 19, Sector Bull, etc. We played the game – 301 with the closing of the sector (after all, an amateur tournament).

First there was a qualifying round. Played – “Set of points”. Each player had to make 10 approaches to the target, 3 darts each. A set of points was recorded. Then there was the playoffs with a real standings.

There were very few people, although this is not typical. As the organizer rightly noted, because of the New Year’s bustle. My friend Sveta immediately broke through to the semifinals.

After the first glass of beer, I also broke through to the semifinals with the chef Vanya and the waitress Alina.

Thanks to the male solidarity and in connection with the gift on NG, I and Ivan decided to give in to the girls and staged a beautiful female final.

As a result, Alina turned out to be more accurate than Sveta, so I was not upset at all, because I honestly lost to the champion!

This is the first time I seriously played darts and I advise everyone, because it is very interesting and fun!

This year flies away from us as quickly as a dart hits a target, so I wish everyone a Happy New Year and wish you health and good luck!

Go in for sports no matter what and win!

On the same evening, the girls very coolly dressed up a real live Christmas tree near the stage, despite the fact that its top is slightly bent.

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