David and Goliath, our ego fight

We all know the biblical story where David defeats Goliath by hitting it with a rock. We also know that David had to gather courage and wisdom to face the giant. What history does not tell us is all the time that David spent practicing and practicing how to use his only weapon until he became an expert.

Our ego

A very similar story is the one that human beings live daily. Every day we are faced with a huge giant of great strength: our ego. The ego is powerful, it has been strengthened through thousands of years and if we want to face it by force we will lose, so we must do it with courage, wisdom and practice.

Mindfulness is one of those weapons that we can use at any time to defeat the ego. However, it is not enough to know, understand and accept it, we must practice it. This is how knowledge becomes wisdom. Curiosity, non-judgment, compassion, and patience are skills that strengthen our mindfulness, awareness of the here and now.

Live the present

Living the present, the here and now, is to get rid of all forms of excess future: discomfort, anxiety, stress, worry and fear; and of all forms of excess past: guilt, regrets, resentment, complaints, sadness, bitterness, and unforgiveness.

Living in the present is that feeling of stillness, balance, satisfaction, equanimity and fullness to which we all consciously or unconsciously aspire every day of our existence.

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