David Bowie’s «mullet» is the haircut of 2021

I want my mullet backsang Billy Ray Cyrus, one of the first to have brought the mullet (translated into Italian: mullet) into vogue in the hair, that is a rather complex hairstyle to perform, a symbol of Eighties irreverence and certainly not good on all male heads. Among the names that boast the best mullets were yesterday David Bowie – at the time of Ziggy Stardust – e James Hetfield of Metallica, and they are today Joe Keery e Dacre Montgomery of the tv series Stranger Things and models on the catwalk. To demonstrate the return of the mullet, there is also Zac Efron who, to start 2021 with a bang, asked the Australian show Attaboy to impress her fans with a U hairstylelast of Moicani, much more eccentric than the total platinum hair of some time ago. Its look is very grunge, with extreme front digging and noticeable accentuation on the back.

“The ideal face shapes for the mullet are triangular, like that of Zac Efron, and rectangular because they highlight the tone of the jaw and neck – ci sipega Giampaolo Gori, hair stylist and co-founder of the salon Roots Milano – This look, however, is so iconic and extreme, that it also gives personality to those with a face that does not respect its “textbook” canons. Its beauty is that it is versatile with any look, it has in fact adapted to all trends, from punk to techno rave, and it is also beautiful on curly hair and with accentuated bangs ». The technique to make it happen? “We start by isolating the occipital bone area. In the remaining part, an extreme frontal hollow is made, accentuating the fringe and highlighting the sideburns. All by removing roundness from the volumes with the help of the classic scissors – but without thinning too much – to create a very squared shape, Gori continues. The isolated part behind joins the scaling, however, leaving it longer. If there is no mullet length, you can wait for growth or apply some extension bands. Finally, those who opt for the fringe will have to choose it quite triangular, short centrally and open at the sides ».

If you want to indulge yourself, here are some ideas from the catwalks Autumn / winter 2020-21 of the haircut defined by her fans as «business in the front, party in the back».

For Gotesson. Gorunway photo

Givenchy. Photo Gorunway

Etudes Studios. Photo Gorunway

Bethany Williams. Foto Gorunway

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