DEA Seizes 8 Million Fentanyl Pills – NBC Denver

ARIZONA – After a series of nationwide operations under the scheme of the “One pill can kill” campaign, the Federal Anti-Narcotics Agency managed to deal a heavy blow to fentanyl trafficking in the country.

The DEA reported the seizure of more than 10 million fentanyl pills during searches and operations against individuals and organizations that traffic in the opioid.

At the local level, the Phoenix Police recently managed to seize almost a million pills of the drug, adding efforts in combating the growing fentanyl epidemic.

In addition, during the operations carried out between May 23 and September 8, they seized 980 pounds of fentanyl powder.

The DEA considers that this amount allowed some 36 million lethal doses to be removed from the market.

“Two out of every five pills has a lethal dose that can cause the death of the person who consumes it instantly,” said Karla Navarrete, spokeswoman for the Maricopa County District Attorney’s Office.

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