Dean of the district, Archpriest Pyotr Ivanov, congratulated Shebekins on Merry Christmas

Father Peter emphasized that we are happy people because we live in a world that has accepted the Incarnate God. And already in itself the Incarnation of Christ, His Birth, is the answer to all questions of mankind and a great consolation for everyone.

“Christ, being God, is Born on earth as a person and trusts us, people, with His Life. He entrusts Himself to the Mother of God, and through Her to all mankind, and this is the greatest miracle of God’s trust and love for us. The response and answer to such trust can only be the same boundless trusting love of a person for Christ, ”said the priest.

Now, when they often talk about a difficult time in which we have had to live, about an unfavorable situation, build disappointing forecasts and feed each other with fears, Christians first of all should always remember that God’s trust and love for us never depended on circumstances. They depend only on the fullness of our heart and the willingness to stretch out our hands to the Infant Christ and receive Him into our life.

“On these holidays, brothers and sisters, I wish all of us to meet Christ, to take His name as our own, to understand what it means to be a Christian, and to live with trust and love for God! Merry Christmas and the New Year of the goodness and mercy of God! ”, – congratulated all Archpriest Peter Ivanov.

The Dean of the Shebekinsky District reported service scheduleand in the church in honor of the icon of the Mother of God “Joy of All Who Sorrow” Shebekino town. January 6 at 22:00 the Festive All-night Vigil will begin. January 7, on the day of the Nativity of Christ, from 0:00 – 1st Divine Liturgy, with 9:00 – 2nd Divine Liturgy.

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