Dear residents of the Moscow region! I congratulate you on the bright holiday of Epiphany!

18 jan. 2021 15:35

The Baptism of the Lord is one of the most revered Christian holidays. It is customary to celebrate the Epiphany with a festive service in churches, blessing of water and ablution in Epiphany fonts.

Today, more than 200 fully equipped points have been opened in the Moscow region, where our residents, according to an ancient and glorious tradition, can plunge into the Epiphany waters. On Epiphany night, the Moscow region will experience frosts down to minus 30 degrees. Dear residents of the Moscow region, please be careful and follow all safety rules if you decide to swim for the holiday.

With all my heart, I congratulate everyone and wish you mental and physical health, prosperity and joy! And in all matters, let faith, hope and love accompany you!

Yours faithfully,

Chairman of the Committee on Ecology and Nature Management

Moscow Regional Duma,

Member of the public council of the party

project “Clean Country” of “United Russia”

Alla Polyakova

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