December 29, 2020 Soccer Match Schedule on TV! What games are there today? What competition is on which channel?

The excitement of soccer in all leagues continues at full speed. While those on the green fields are enthusiastically followed by millions, soccer fans are counting the hours until the next game. What contests are broadcast on television on weekends and weekends?

What TV channels and other leagues in the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, ErdevC in Europe and of course the Turkish Super League in the world? Today’s match schedule is here …

December 29, 2020 TV Soccer Show

11:05 Brisbane Roar – Melbourne City Avastralya A Liki Bean Game4

19:00 Sevilla – Villarreal Spain La Liga S Sport, Smart Smart

19:00 Andalyaspore – Hatospore Sport Toto Super League Pain Game1

20:30 Birmingham – Derby County Angler Championship Pain Game 2

21:00 Brighton – Arsenal English Premier League S Sport Plus S Sport

21:00 Benfica – Portimoness Bordeaux Liga NOS Sport 2S Sport Plus

21:00 AMB – Leeds United İngiltere Premier League S Sport Plus

21:00 Southampton – West Ham English Premier League S Sport Plus

21:15 Barcelona – Ebar España La Liga S Sport Plus, Sport Smart

22:45 Preston – Coventry Anglider Bean Sports 2 Championship

23:30 Cádiz – Valladolid Spain La Liga Smart Sport

23:30 Levante – Real Betis İspanya La Liga Spor Smart

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