Delaware could leave virtual events and new calendar

Despite the meeting that was held last week in Delaware and in which some of the best players were present of the world was considered top secretthe truth is that as the days go by we knowing more and more details about the planes that can come out of a conclave in which the leading voice, as some may have imagined, led her Tiger Woods. The Californian traveled ex profeso to the penultimate event of the course PGA Tour To try to design with the rest of the classmates strategy with which it is intended to combat the effects of LIFE Golf.

And the truth is that the first rumors point to the world tops that will remain faithful to the American tour they have here a lot to tellespecially the Californian himself and Rory McIlroy. According to various authorized sources, both will launch a series of tournaments together with others stars of this sport in which technology will play a primary role. And it is that these will be disputed through digital devices -no further details have been given, but it could be something similar to Trackman– in stadiums full of people and with great screens to be able to follow them on site.

Some one-day events that would already have the approval of the PGA Tour and with which it is speculated that they will complement the calendar from 2024 -mainly during the months of back to March, when there are hardly any championships of substance. Furthermore, as noted Golf weekit can be this mars the moment chosen by the tour to give more details.

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And as if this were not enough, the other great agreement which seems to have been reached at the meeting was a revolution as for the calendar. Although this still doesn’t seem to have the green light for the PGA Tourthe possibility of fighting the Arab tour with the same medicine is being studied: 18 tournaments of 60 players con 20 million in Game. an authentic bombshell to become official and that would cause another earthquake on the planet Golf.

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