Delaware Vehicle Registration: How to Change the Address on It

In Delaware, as elsewhere in the United States, drivers who move within state lines are required to complete an address update process associated with their vehicle registration. In some parts of the country, this process also affects the information related to the driver’s license, but in others it may be necessary to do it separately. Basically, what the state agencies seek with this process is to ensure that drivers receive the correspondence related to their privileges, especially the documents that they request in their offices, which are intended to be sent by postal mail.

Like people who move, people who change their name for any reason (marriage, divorce, widow, adoption, or by choice) they must update their information to correspond with said change on file with the DMVoffering official documents that serve as proof.

How to change the address associated with the vehicle registration in Delaware?

In the state of Delaware, drivers have one month to report address changes to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The process of changing or updating this type of information —which also applies to name changes— can be carried out at a local office using the corresponding form. The procedure is not subject to any type of fee, that is, it is completely free.

The process of updating the data is essential for the receipt of the documents that are processed in the offices or through the online services of the DMV. People who do not carry it out may experience delays or loss of the driver’s license applied for for the first time or renewed, as well as other documents, considering that this state agency uses the postal mail to deliver them.

The change of address must be carried out whenever a move is made within the state territory of Delaware. A similar process must be carried out by new residents, coming from other states of other states of the country who must carry out an application process for a valid driver’s license in the state if they wish to operate a vehicle, added to the application for a registration and an insurance policy with coverage in the state.

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