Deleted timelines from the Loki series shown

Deleted timelines from the Loki series shown

First season “Loki” (Loki) opened the door to the entire Marvel Cinematic Multiverse by introducing TVA (Temporal Change Management) and the concept of alternate universes and timelines.

In most of the six episodes, the protagonist followed TVA (and his own female counterpart, Sylvia) into wild new realities or places in time. We have seen historical events such as the destruction of Pompeii (AD 79), a dystopian future such as Alabama in 2050, alien worlds (Lamentis-1), and even a realm between realities that TVA uses as a temporary dumping ground ( Emptiness).

However, it seems that all those alternate realities that were shown in “Loki”were just a small part of what was planned!

In a new book Marvel Studios’ Loki: The Art of the Series features artwork illustrating the various timelines that Loki may have visited in the series. These include the saloon in the Old West; locomotive in the era of the industrial revolution in the style of steampunk; urban scenery from the 1970s; New Asgard; debates in the ancient Roman Senate; pyramids of ancient Egypt and sword fights with feudal warriors (samurai) of ancient Japan.

While these were all just concept art prior to the start of production on the series, they are visually quite stunning. Perhaps we will see some of this in the second season.

Second season “Loki” is in production. It is expected to premiere in summer 2023 on Disney+.

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