Democrats demand from Biden to cancel all death sentences for criminals

Washington, January 24. Members of a group of newly elected Democratic activists, Squad, have demanded that new US President Joe Biden lift all death sentences for all criminals in federal prisons, the TV channel reported on Friday. Fox News.

Members of the House of Representatives and the US Democratic Party Ayanna Pressly and Corey Bush addressed the head of state. The message was signed by 35 more Democrats. The authors of the letter note that the alleged “restoration of American dignity” requires confirmation of adherence to the traditions of mercy.

But we must understand for whom they require mercy and indulgence. These are by no means good boys and girls, but real repeat offenders, monsters on the conscience of each of whom are ruined human lives. Some of the last to be executed were Corey Johnson, a Virginia man associated with seven murders, and Lisa Montgomery, who was convicted of strangling a pregnant woman and using a kitchen knife to remove a child from the victim’s womb.

“For this reason, we urge you to immediately commute the sentences of all those sentenced to death,” the parliamentarians demand.

Their pseudo-noble demands are in fact nothing more than a populist action designed to put the new US President Joseph Biden as a knight-liberator on a white horse and at the same time to blacken former President Donald Trump in the eyes of the public.

Earlier, the US carried out the first death sentence since 1953 on a woman. Lisa Montgomery, 52, was injected by lethal injection at Terre Haute Prison in Indiana.

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