Details of the case of the young Hispanic who died after a shooting in Silver Spring | Videos | Univision Washington WFDC

if you have information that helpsupon capture, contactimmediate.I am again the relativesdecided to speak before ourámaras and made ás knowndetails.>> the family has been leavinglocal in the hope ofbe able to raise enoughto be able to send the body ofwilliam anderson a honduras.Today I spoke with his cousin, whoindicates that he also knows theother people who turned outwounds and tell us howshots were fired.>> there were two who arrivedrunning, shooting withoutmediate words>> there is the cousin ofwilliam anderson alberto cruz,the young Honduran who wasmortally shot.says the other twopeople who were injuredduring this shooting werewilliamy contiúanhospitalized.>> it’s not fair what you’ve been given>> the police departmentHe said that he does not rule out thatIt deals with a case related togangs.>> we are working with thecounty gang unitmontgomery, for us powerof these suspects.>> I found a document thatindicates that from Octoberto 127 alleged members and sixface chain sentenceslife. the statisticsindicate that prosecutorsFederal have filed casesagainst 749 defendants.>> these people don’t haveheart they should sit down andthink about what they have done.>> the family says cue williamdecided to work to helpwith their parents with the expensesof the house The Department ofthe police say nothere is any danger to thecommunity, but if they have

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