Devin Booker baked a carrot cake

Let’s go for the morning update in TrashTalk Fantasy League, the one that will decide your mood today! Good or bad news, top pick or hell pick, caviar or carrot, there will be something for everyone and every morning until next summer. Don’t forget to keep smiling, it’s a war but it’s still a game.

How do I play TrashTalk Fantasy League?
Rules and explanations of the best basketball game in the galaxy

# The podium of the night in TTFL

# The 30 best scores of the night in TTFL

# The carrot of the night

# Tonight’s matches

  • 1h : Cavaliers – Nets
  • 1h : Pistons – Clippers
  • 1h30 : Heat – Wolves
  • 2h : Bulls – Rockets
  • 2h : Pelicans – Pacers
  • 2 a.m.: Spurs – Jazz
  • 4h : Blazers – Hornets

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