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DFS Classic 2006 – 25th draw of the annual professional tennis tournament for women, held in Birmingham (UK) and is part of the WTA Tour in the 3rd category series of competitions.

In 2006, the tournament was held from June 12 to 18. The competition continued the European herbal series in preparation for Wimbledon.

Last year’s winners:

general information

The first seed in the singles tournament was Maria Sharapova (No. 4 in the world at that time); last year’s champion made it to the semifinals without any problems, but lost there, unable to beat Jameya Jackson. The American was then close to the overall title, but twice in tie-breaks she turned out to be somewhat weaker than another Russian woman: Vera Zvonareva. Of the three participants in the semi-finals, Sharapova was the only seeded tennis player at this stage.

The doubles prize brought together several strong athletes in this type of game, but by the semifinals there was not a single seeded alliance left in the grid, and the title was played by the teams Elena Jankovic / Li Na and Jill Kreibas / Liesel Huber, where the Serbo-Chinese alliance proved its advantage in the results of two sets. Last year’s champions – Daniela Gantukhova and Ai Sugiyama – did not defend their title.


Single tournament

  • Vera Zvonareva beat USA Jamey Jackson with a score of 7-6 (12), 7-6 (5).
  • Zvonareva wins her 1st title of the season and 4th in her career on the Association Tour.
  • Jackson concedes his debut final on the association’s tour.

Doubles tournament

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