Dibu Martínez integrates a dog into his security scheme: know the millionaire sum

The Argentine goalkeeper

Emiliano ‘Drawing’ Martinez
bought a military dog ​​to guard his house in England, It is worth remembering that in recent months several footballers have been victims of theft millionaires, even, in the middle of the World Cup, English
Raheem Sterling
He left the national team concentration due to a robbery that affected some of his relatives.

In accordance with
media in that country
Dibu acquired the dog that is valued at 20.000 eurosnamely, 103’436.928 pesosabout.

It’s about a belgian shepherd malinois who received rigorous training. That breed is also used in the commandos of the united states navy and the Special Air Service of Great Britain.

This military dog ​​was bought by the Argentine goalkeeper from the Elite Protections Dogs agency, the same one that also has well-known clients such as the protagonists of the Premier League Hugo Lloris and Mikel Arteta or the boxer Tyson Fury.

As it is, the
Dibu Martinez
strengthens its security scheme with a dog which, according to experts, he is strong, fast, fierce and loyal.

The canine will protect the home of the 2022 Qatar World Cup gold glove winner, which is located in Birmingham. In additionhis children, wife and valuables such as the World Cup medal.

Aston Villa coach will speak with Dibu about controversial celebrations

At the end of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the Spanish coach of Aston Villa, Unai Emery, indicated that he would speak with the Argentine about hiss controversial celebrations in the tournament.

It is worth remembering that when he won the gold glove he made an obscene gesture to the take the trophy to your private parts and later, on the bus that toured the streets of Buenos Aires, he carried in his arms a toy baby with face


I’ll talk to him about the celebrations. We are proud of him, he has won the World Cup with his national team and it is something incredible,” he said at a press conference.

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