Dibu Martínez showed his super watchdog for the first time: how much did he pay for it?

The reason for the purchase was to protect his home in Birmingham. As specified, the canine was specially trained and can weigh up to 30 kilograms. As if that were not enough, it is the race that is normally used by the SEALS in United States or the Special Air Service in Great Britain to carry out the different tasks of surveillance and land patrolling.

Undoubtedly, the Argentine world champion goalkeeper went viral again for showing how he trains with his new companion, adopted through Elite Protection Dogsa company specialized in the subject that has already helped other sports leaders such as the French figure in the same search Hugo Lloristhe retired footballer Ashley Cole and British boxer Tyson Furyprecise Infobae.

The man from Mar del Plata taught the training that he applies to his pet to help him care for his family in the face of any possible danger or threat. As reported by the media in England, the Argentine would have disbursed a total of 20 thousand pounds sterling throughout the process to make sure his dog is as good a companion to him, his wife Mandinha and her children Santi and Ava as to transmit security doors inwards.

“Belgian Malinois are working dogs chosen by the military and police as number 1 worldwide. The American Navy Seals used Malinois in the capture operation Bin Laden. The breed is super-athletic and agile, with an extreme prey drive that makes them excellent candidates for any task at work,” explained a member of the company that sold the dog to Dibu in a chat with the Daily Star portal.

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