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Suddenly you thought that you could not find a partner in the application Tinder It was because you did not put the right photo, or else, your profile was not entirely attractive. The truth, and so you don’t feel bad, is that a large percentage of the profiles are not real. That’s probably an explanation.

A study conducted by the University of Arizona, analyzed the most popular application in the world to meet people, and that currently has 50 million profiles created, and it was determined that the 23.4% of the accounts are robots.

Although the platforms in this area constantly fight to eliminate accounts that do not correspond to real identities, the way to deceive the application system is increasingly sophisticated and companies invest millions of dollars in keeping the situation under control. What he repeats the most is that cybercriminals trick people into extracting their personal data to steal their money.

Data to take into account: Tinder users spend an average of 77 minutes inside the application, more than an hour trying to find love, generating bonds of friendship or exploring profiles.

How can you tell if you are talking to a human or a robot?

First, keep in mind that the easiest thing for a robot is to answer questions such as: What is your name? How are you? Where are you from?

That is why the developers of the University of Arizona, share some keys to unmask the traps. For that, the experts created three accounts of women to identify cybercriminals and used techniques that only a human can decipher. For example:

  1. If asked about a certain object that appears in the third profile photo, the robot may not be able to answer, or it will answer something incoherent.
  2. If you start a conversation by typing numbers, this will confuse the machine and it will understand that you want to dial a number or want to speak on Skype or phone.
  3. When you start a conversation with an addition or subtraction of numbers, and you force the machine to perform an operation, it will not be able to do so because it is not prepared.
  4. Developing questions are also useful, such as asking who will win the election? What is the name of your favorite team’s stadium? What did you think of the speech the candidate gave on TV?
  5. If you continue to have doubts, there is also the option to stop talking to the profile that generates suspicion.
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