Difficult maneuver! Cessna 180 skims a lake

Uri Luna

February 22, 2021
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Landing is one of the first maneuvers a student pilot must learn. It takes a few hours and several attempts to perfect the proper technique to control the plane and make contact with the runway. However, in this video posted by Incline Dynamic Outlet shows us the skill of the pilot Kevin Quinn, who holds the water ski record with his Cessna 180.

Kevin is an Alaskan-born pilot instructor. Until 2019, it accumulated more than 9,000 flight hours. In the video we can see the Cessna 180 approaching the water with its wheels (for unpaved tracks). By making gentle contact with the water, he continues his journey while other of his friends fly alongside him in formation. The scenery is as incredible as the precision this pilot must have to control the plane.

Kevin Quinn broke the record for waterskiing aboard an aircraft on February 10, 2016. He glided over water for 46 miles (74km) above Lake Tahoe in California. The time that the wheels kept touching the water was 53 minutes. Without a doubt, a great display of expertise and experience.

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