Disastrous test screenings? “Indiana Jones 5” director becomes clear

The fan base is currently being rocked by rumors of disastrous test screenings with multiple endings. So much so that James Mangold now had to intervene.

Indiana Jones and the Call of Fate

It has to work, it just has to work! “Indiana Jones 5” is the only remaining attempt for Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg, the disastrous fourth part, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, make amends and bring the most iconic adventure series of all time to a happy conclusion. The “Indiana Jones” films simply cannot end with two representatives who completely fail with fans and cinema audiences. It would bury them like ancient artifacts.

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The pressure is so great that George Lucas is no longer involved and Steven Spielberg is only involved as a producer. For the first time he does not take over the direction, but James Mangold („Logan: The Wolverine“). And the final adventures for Harrison Ford and supposedly finale for the adventurer-archaeologist Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones Jr. definitely will the last film project for star composer John Williams. The chosen title, which should simply be “Indiana Jones”, was chosen with care and is intended to illustrate a return to the roots on the one hand, but also to emphasize the importance of the main character for the entire film series. Because the first film from 1981 is the only one that doesn’t have his name in the title: “Hunter of the lost treasure”. The fact that the last film only bears the name symbolically closes the circle.

– Warning: Despite everything, there are still potential spoilers for “Indiana Jones”! –

But now the fan base has been rocked by a rumor about supposedly disastrous test screenings. According to this, several ends are said to have been tested, six in number, with one being said to stand out in a particularly negative way. In each ending, Indy is supposed to pass the baton to his assistant and goddaughter, Helena (Phoebe Waller-Bridge). The “Indiana Jones” series, it could be the plan of Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and Disney, would then possibly be a series with Waller-Bridge’s character Helena exclusively on Disney+ continued. A corresponding TV series has just been published by the industry magazine Variety reported.

But this information was already leaked in June 2021 – by a named YouTuber Overlord DVD, formerly Dicktor Van Doomcock. He now claims that the test audience should have shown enormous disappointment. In several of the alleged ends, Harrison Ford is said to die on the screen as Indiana Jones, and time travel should really be a topic and lead in some way to the series. Disney boss Bob Chapek is said to be so angry about the poor performance that he has demanded extensive reshoots. We have more information about the next Indy adventure in the Video for you.

“Indiana Jones”: Director James Mangold speaks up

Fans are currently discussing wildly about the truth of these rumors. How potentially damaging they can be is shown by the fact that even director James Mangold has now intervened to get rid of them. As a rule, filmmakers do not comment on such things in order not to attract even more attention to them. But in this particular case, it has to happen as everyone involved knows what is at stake given the changing viewing habits of cinema audiences:

When asked by a fan whether there had actually been test screenings for “Indiana Jones”, Mangold replied:

“No. Haven’t had any test screenings at all.”

When another World of Reel fan refers to those rumours, Mangold denies them:

“But that’s not true! Absolutely not, terrible!”

Then Mangold addresses the rumors himself:

“Well, Paolo, it’s up to you who you want to believe – an anonymous troll named Basement Dweller and Doomcock or the actual director of the film. Nobody will replace Indiana Jones. In no script. In no cut version. Was never up for debate.”

Even if the rumor about the series may have been true, most of what Overlord DVD spreads has to be described as pure sensationalism. Basically, he takes what fans fear and what big studios do when it comes to big-ticket franchises, mixes it with the existing rumors and proclaims it as fact based on “various sources”.

So fans should definitely not worry for the time being and wait for the first official information regarding the plot and the first teasers and trailers. “Indiana Jones” starts in German cinemas on 29. June 2023.

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