Discover the secrets of Stephen King’s famous murderer car

Stephen King has brought incredible stories to life in a most sensational way. The iconic Christine of his was no exception. Swipe and find out the details!

January 14, 2023 2:26 p.m.

Stephen King It has become one of the great inspirations of literature. One of the most widely read writers in recent times, he has received important awards and has several best sellers in his wide repertoire. After a tough battle to make his dream come true, the American can dedicate himself to his great passion: writing. adding millions of followers around the world.

Stephen has published 61 novels (seven under the pseudonym Richard Bachman) and seven nonfiction books. However, he still continues to write and one of his last writings was “Finn”, which came to light on May 25. A dark and uncomfortable story that is set in Ireland. It tells how an unfortunate young man from birth faces a case of mistaken identity.

Nevertheless, one of his famous works was “Christine”. The famous killer car aboard a 1958 Plymouth Fury. This story not only had his novel, but was also adapted to the cinema by John Carpenter in 1983. In this way, the legend of the driverless car became popular. A truly terrifying vehicle that captivated thousands of fans.

But… What was it really inspired by? Everything seems to indicate that Stephen took a modern legend who was born in 1978. The story goes that a Bloomington, Illinois police officer by the name of Patty Jackson attempted to turn off the lights of an abandoned ’78 Chevrolet.

It is a Chevrolet C-10 that has a V8 engine and a maximum speed of 145 km/h. A fairly large pick-up from the American brand, launched on the market to compete with the Ford F-100 and the Dodge D series. A model that has been produced in five generations, and has been very important for the automotive industry.

However, things did not go as expected. When the woman put her hands on the vehicle, it started on its own and began to circulate through the town causing numerous damages, until it finally ended up crashing into a truck. Although he could never come up with a clear explanation for this phenomenon, King seized the opportunity to make this story his own novel and bring it to life with his own special touch. And have you already read his work?

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Christine, Plymouth Fury.

Modelo Chevrolet C-10 del 78.

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