Dissent: Discussion about corona vaccination requirements for nursing staff


Discussion about corona vaccination requirements for nursing staff

CSU chairman Markus Söder brings up compulsory vaccinations for nursing staff. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn and care associations speak out against it, doctors’ association heads disagree.


CSU boss Söder brought up compulsory vaccinations for nursing staff in the past few days, but this proposal met with broad criticism.

However, the German care associations speak out against compulsory vaccination for care workers. Germany’s nurses do not need to be vaccinated against the corona virus, “said the President of the German Care Council (DPR), Franz Wagner, in a statement on Tuesday. Coercion doesn’t create good solutions. ”

Also the federal care chamber thinks nothing “of such a regulation. Instead, the associations demanded more clarification. More targeted and understandable information and easy access to vaccinations for staff are needed, demanded the President of the Care Council. A compulsory vaccination could also have a negative effect on the already completely exhausted nursing staff, “continues Wagner. The professional group should not now be condemned as a bogeyman.

The President of the German Professional Association of Nursing Professions (DBfK), Christel Bienstein, joins the ranks of the critics. Here a general suspicion is built up against the nursing staff, which is unjust and counterproductive. In addition, there are no reliable figures on how high the willingness to vaccinate actually is. Both professional carers and people in need of care are unnecessarily unsettled by such a debate. “

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) has also refused a vaccination requirement in the fight against the corona pandemic. I gave my word in the Bundestag: In this pandemic there will be no compulsory vaccination. And that applies, “said Spahn on Wednesday morning on Deutschlandfunk. The federal government is relying on arguments, information and trust in the vaccine. He also wants to convince the nursing staff in Germany with arguments.

Reaction of the medical representatives

The chairman of the World Medical Association, Frank-Ulrich Montgomery, however, is promoting compulsory vaccination against the corona virus. Montgomery does not even want to limit a mandatory vaccination to individual professional groups in the long term. To do this, however, sufficient knowledge about long-term side effects of vaccines would have to be available.

The President of the German Medical Association, Klaus Reinhardt, rejects such a vaccination requirement. If the corona vaccination is made a prerequisite for an activity in this area, it must also be clarified how the specialists who are not ready for a vaccination can be replaced. “

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