Distance Cimitile-Birmingham

Distance between Cimitile and Birmingham

Road and the distance as the crow flies between: Cimitile (Campania, Province of Naples, Italy) e Birmingham (England, City and Borough of Birmingham, UK).

The straight line distance Cimitile-Birmingham: 1784.8 km (= 1109 miles) direction: 315 °

Distance from the equator: Cimitile 4552.4 km North • Birmingham 5835.4 km North. • difference: 1283 km to the North.
Cimitile Distance from north pole: 5454.7 km. Birmingham Distance from north pole: 4171.7 km.

Flight time:

Cimitile-Birmingham km me. Airplane helicopter pigeon
The distance as the crow flies 1784.8 1109 2h 14m 8h 7m 25h 30m

Local time:

Local time Cimitile: 09:20 (2021-11-27) … Birmingham: 08:20 (2021-11-27) … (difference: -1 h)

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Cimitile and Birmingham on the map

Cimitile Coordinate GPS: 40.94231,14.52558 – Birmingham Coordinate GPS: 52.48142,-1.89983


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