Distance love: Wanda and Zaira, worried about Valentino, who will have to leave a relationship in France

Valentino is one of the children that Wanda Nara had with Maximiliano López, the former River, Barcelona, ​​Catania footballer, among others, and who is currently the owner of the Birmingham City Football Club in England.

The drawback lies in the relationship that the young man had with a lady from France, since his stepfather, Mauro Icardi, played for PSG months ago and now has a new football destination: Galatasaray in Turkey.

It was his aunt, Zaira Nara, who spoke about the subject on a television program and was a little worried about the teenager because “He has a very pretty girlfriend, although I don’t know what will happen now because boys’ times are modern. I don’t think he likes a long distance relationship. Capable falls in love with a Turkish woman, ”she said without knowing what the future of the relationship will be.

On the other hand, he adds: “The kids are gigantic, Valentino is just like his dad. He wears 40, he passed us by height. He grew up all of a sudden, I wonder where the baby I was changing his diapers was left ”.

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