Diversity als Dogma

Just a few years ago, the ambitious diversity and justice fantasies of large corporations were perceived with rather amusement. Diversity here, diversity there – it almost seemed like a well-rehearsed ritual that one looked over with a roll of one’s eyes. But times have changed. In the meantime, the “woke capital” has become a determining factor in global economic life, with concrete negative effects for people who do not want to submit to the progressive agenda.

A special event held on Friday in San José, California, offered a foretaste of how the corporate culture could develop in the coming years. The “Silicon Valley Leadership Group”, an interest group founded in 1978 made up of over 350 Californian corporations, had invited to the so-called “Diversity Forward Summit”.

At the event, the first twenty companies and institutions that want to commit to the so-called “25 × 25 agreement” in the future were announced. „25×25“ is not just any association, but a concrete vision for the future. According to the company, the change to “diversity, equality and inclusion” is to be promoted with ambitious goals.

“Underrepresented Persons”

The agreement provides two options: Either the company undertakes to have at least 25 percent of its managers “underrepresented people (people of color / women)” by 2025. Or the company undertakes to increase the number of “underrepresented people” in its management positions by at least 25 percent by 2025.

The field of activity of the signatories is wide-ranging: The list includes large tech companies (Twitter, Facebook, Zoom, Western Digital, Equilar), airlines (United Airlines, Alaska Airlines), universities (Foothill De Anza College, Santa Clara University ), a bank (Silicon Valley Bank), a financial service provider (Listo), an electronics company (Flex), a photonics company (Lumentum), a newspaper (San Francisco Chronicle), a football club (San Francisco 49ers), a civil rights organization (NAACP), a lobby group (Silicon Valley Leadership Group), a think tank (Bay Area Council), a hospital (Stanford Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital) and a solar cell manufacturer (SunPower).

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Politics is also there

Companies know, said the CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, Ahmad Thomas, at the event, “that diversity and inclusion are at the heart of business competitiveness, innovation and a stronger social fabric”. At the same time, the event also demonstrated how far the arm of the large corporations extends. The US Senator for the State of California, Alex Padilla (Democratic Party), auditioned and congratulated the organizers for the initiative. The US entrepreneur John Hope Bryant, chairman of the left-wing nonprofit organization HOPE, also gave a lecture on site.

However, such quotas, which override the performance principle, are not an isolated case: the fast food chain McDonald’s threatens its executivesnot to pay their full bonuses if they do not hire more minorities in higher positions according to the new company policy. Apart from the mission to achieve gender parity by 2030, McDonald’s aims to “increase historically underrepresented groups in leadership roles (senior directors and above) in the US to 35 percent and the representation of women in leadership roles to 45 percent worldwide” by 2025.

The bank is also involved Goldman Sachs meanwhile no longer in IPOs of companies in which the supervisory board consists only of white people. Other institutional investors, including State Street Global Advisors and BlackRock, have made statements about the need for “diversity” and certain “climate goals” in the companies in which they invest.

Anti-white exercise program

There was also a rumble about the Coca-Cola company this week. Leaked videos and pictures of a training program made the rounds on the net, asking participants to “be less white” in order to combat racial discrimination. Allegedly, the pictures should come from an online seminar for Coca-Cola employees. You can see none other than Robin DiAngelo in the video. The 64-year-old is considered a pioneer of the “Critical Race Theory” and founded the concept of “White Fragility”, which puts white people per se under suspicion of racism.

Coca-Cola now has one spongy statement confirms that the video, while accessible through the Coca-Cola training program, is not part of the curriculum. “Our global training ‘Better Together’ is part of a learning plan designed to help create an inclusive workplace. It consists of a series of short vignettes, each only a few minutes long. The training includes access to the ‘LinkedIn Learning Platform’ on a wide variety of topics, including diversity, equity and inclusion. “

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In California, the monitoring of this supposedly just future is also taking over in parts of the state. Governor Gavin Newsom (Democratic Party) had one on September 30, 2020 law signed, which requires California-based public companies to have at least one board of directors belonging to an “underrepresented community” by the end of 2021. California no longer has a white majority, but of course that population group is not meant. Rather, it is about “individuals who identify as Black, African American, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Native Hawaiian or Alaska, or who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender”.

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