Do not hesitate, act and save your neighbors from dying burned

This really is a good neighbor story: A neighborhood miracle, a saving mission

They tell the story of an Andalusian painter who changed the color of the facade of his house every spring. But before doing so, he invariably went to show the neighbor across the street the color with which he was going to decorate it.

When someone asked why he did it, his answer was simple, effective and very human: because it will be he (the neighbor across the street) who will see the facade for the rest of the year, and he has to like the color or, at least, that don’t be aggressive.

That’s being an empathetic neighbor! How many conflicts do not start in the neighborhood because there was one, or some, who did not give a damn, let alone the color of the facade, but the security, the tranquility or the life of “those next door”?

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She already belongs to the family

Fortunately, the good neighbor has not died between indifference, rancor and revenge. What’s more, there are some heroic neighbors. Such is the case of Carolyn Palisch, a woman from Arizona, who saved the neighbors across from her house from being burned to death.

These, the Salgado family, were sleeping (mother and four children, one of them holding her arms) when their house began to catch fire. It was early in the morning of January 1 of this year 2021.



Nicole Salgado told the Phoenix (Arizona) television KPHO / KTVK, a video played on the national network by CNN that from this fact, “Carolyn is already part of the family; it’s family ”.

His action, captured by the eye of the doorbell camera of the Salgado house, has gone viral. Especially when it is known, through Nicole’s mouth, that everyone in her house was asleep: “We didn’t hear anything; we didn’t smell anything, ”he confessed.

Think about children

It was New Year’s Eve, early in the morning, Carolyn leaned out the window and saw a column of smoke rise from the Salgado house. He did not think twice. She quickly put on her house robe and ran to alert her neighbors.

The doorbell camera’s eye caught the sequence perfectly, recording both the knock on the door and Palisch’s hurried countenance at the bell.

“Me, the only thing I could think about was the children,” he told television. The camera captures, after ringing the bell, the desperation of the woman knocking on the door to warn the Salgado family of the danger.

It was a saving mission. Hearing the loud knocks on the door and the desperate sound of the doorbell, the Salgado family woke up and Carolyn guided them with wisdom: “Get out, move, everything will be fine, everyone go to my house!”

Once again, it is the security camera installed at the door of the Salgado’s house that accounts for all the action and the way in which the Palisch emergency is being conducted. The video has gone viral.

An even-tempered nurse

“The firefighters told us that if it had taken five more minutes, and the roof had come down with us inside the house, we would have inhaled all that smoke and we would not have woken up,” Nicole Salgado revealed to television.

Finally, this Arizona woman saved her neighbors from being burned to death. “I was a nurse for forty years,” Palish explained in the interview, “and we hope that everything will always go well for everyone. But really seeing the result, seeing them alive and well and with their children here, I can’t ask for anything better ”.

Something that Salgado acknowledges: “She saved our lives. There is no better way to pay him than to be eternally grateful. ” Finally

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