Do you lack reasons to get tattooed? Here’s one: you develop a mechanism that helps your health

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The University of Alabama conducted a study that indicates that getting one or more tattoos could be good in one aspect of the health of those who dare to scratch themselves.

According to the research, published by the American of Human Biology magazine, tattooing, as the singer Christian Nodal has done, even on the face, has positive implications for the immune system.


During the study, those responsible analyzed the levels of immunoglobulin A, one of the body’s main antibodies, in people with tattoos and discovered that, due to the stress to which the body is subjected at the time of being tattooed, it develops a degree of tolerance to the tension.

“A signaling model suggests that tattooing inoculates the immune system for heightened vigilance against stressors associated with soft tissue damage. We attempted to investigate this tattoo ‘inoculation hypothesis’ as an honest signal,” say the results of research, cited by Excelsior.

“We hypothesized that the immune system habituates to the tattoo stressor in repeatedly tattooed individuals and that the immune response to the stress of the tattooing process would correlate with lifetime tattoo experience,” he adds.


According to the above, people with tattoos create a kind of anti-stress mechanism; In addition, their pain threshold is higher (if they endured the pain of one or several tattoos, they can endure anything).

Is it dangerous to get tattooed?

Despite what was discovered by the aforementioned study, it is important to be careful with tattoos, since, due to lack of hygiene, they could have serious consequences for health.

According to the Ministry of Health, if they are not carried out in establishments with all hygienic measures, they can cause allergic reactions, skin and systemic infections such as hepatitis B and C, tetanus and HIV.

After getting a tattoo, great care and hygiene must be taken, because it is an open wound, which could easily become infected if exposed.


Can I donate blood if I have tattoos?

Many years ago people with tattoos were immediately discarded as blood donors, for fear that they suffered from any of the aforementioned diseases; however, this is not currently the case.

Like any other person, who has not had similar infections such as hepatitis B or C, HIV-AIDS, Chagas disease or syphilis, they are candidates to donate blood, as long as the tattoos that they have had them done more than 12 months before the donation.

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