‘Doctor in Alaska’: they were free because they accepted their destiny

From my entire collection of dating (how I like to write it barbarically: deuvede, it even sounds dirty), once as big as a video store, only a few remains survive. The streaming He took the movies and records out of the house, leaving more room for the books, but I kept a few samples, like fault ninots pardoned before burning. One of them is the case with the complete series of Doctor in Alaskaand I’m glad to know that I can also take it to the clean point, or where the hell the waste of nostalgia is recycled.

Thanks to of the movie and to the channel Enfamilia (from AMC)who recover the series, my new year begins looking to the past and not to the future, which is a huge consolation against inflation, Putin, the new self-employed quota and even the upcoming angry elections. I can defend myself against all this by curling up in a ball in a remote town in Alaska, in the warmth of some characters who served as teachers in my sentimental education. And it was a laborious education: TVE broadcast it at odd hours on La 2. Not only did you have to stay up all night, but you also had to be attentive to the capricious moment in which it was broadcast, which almost never coincided with the announced time, and guess where the plot was going, because Such was the negligence of the programmers that they did not bother to issue the episodes in order. And even so, no matter how difficult they made it for us, a bunch of sleepless kids woke up to life with that bunch of free characters because they accepted their destiny. Those who understood this paradox faced their anxieties with better spirits than those who went to sleep. In Spain, Doctor in Alaska it was a constellation of 625-line televisions with low volume, turned on in darkened rooms in front of lonely teenagers who didn’t know they shared a secret.

We must thank Jaume Ripoll, Filmin’s railing, for this gift from Kings that he gives us.

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