Does your zodiac sign reject love? Horoscope for a single girl (part one)

It turns out that the desire to be alone or the fear of a relationship is also due to … the zodiac sign. Perhaps for you “the same” is registered in the stars and you just have to wait for it. Check out what makes you still lonely.


An Aries’ schedule is always tight and it’s hard to find time to date. You don’t like changing your plans for one meeting. You are a fire sign, so you know what you are looking for. You have certain views on relationships. Your temperament is provocative, so you don’t complain about the lack of fans. Unfortunately, you emotionally close yourself off to anything new. You would rather have a light, superficial relationship than a serious one. If you don’t see your future with someone, you immediately leave that person. You act impulsively and leave no chance, which is why you often banish your soulmates from life before you discover their great potential.


You have always had an “ideal” partner, and you stick to it. Whoever gets caught, the most he can count on is just friendship. Even if it passes all compliance tests. You open up to new people for a very long time. You need time to get someone closer to you. You value feelings of security in your relationship. You don’t like it when someone tries to change you. You push potential partners away from you, fearing that they will affect your life. You prefer to do things your own way and do not like to interfere with your plans of ambition. You do not give an opportunity to develop love for the person who violates your psychological comfort. You would rather be lonely than have a relationship with someone who will constantly test you.

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You think it’s time to start a relationship. In your youth, you were not ready for anything serious, because you preferred to spend this time in frivolous dates. Now you think you are too old and true love is a child’s tale. You forget that you can fall in love without age restrictions. Instead of commitment, you choose romance. In this way, you are trying to avoid the pain of loss and breakup. You push the people you fall in love with away from you before they pierce your heart. If you want to experience romantic moments and create something worthwhile with someone, give up the belief that it won’t work. Every moment in life is valuable, don’t miss it!


You have a hard time forgetting about your previous relationship. Your thoughts are still hovering with your ex. You are constantly recreating the moments spent together and living them in the present. Thus, you take the chance for true love, which is literally around the corner. Your obsession with your ex keeps you from opening up to new people. You also have concerns that you will relive bad experiences from previous relationships. You are afraid that you will be rejected because you will not be enough for someone else. You push off men you feel about because of problems with your own emotions. If you don’t want to be lonely, put your chaos in order. It all starts and ends in your head.


You are adorable, so you have no problem finding a lover. However, you prefer online dating to those in the real world. On the other side of the screen, you feel safer and you can have multiple romances at once. This turns into an addiction that makes it difficult for you to arrange a live date. The wider the pool of candidates, the more choosy you become. In the end, you don’t give your lion heart to anyone and are content with only small pieces. This is not how you build your future. Get out of the shelter, show your true colors. Complete the games because they leave no room for a partner in your life.

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Virgo is the most picky zodiac sign. You tell others that you have high demands, but the truth is that no one can match them. Even you yourself cannot match them. It is clear that you do not want to be with the random person you meet on the street, but do not give up all possible options. Lower the bar, there are no perfect people. A meeting of a model-looking man, an artist and a banker in one person seems unlikely. Each has its own pros and cons. You are also not strong in all areas. Try to fall in love with someone who even came close to your ideal. A really harmonious relationship can be obtained.


Love is the meaning of your life, and you find it in many different ways. At the beginning of a relationship, you don’t spend a lot of time with your man. You put your friends, work, or hobby first. Thus, you keep your soul mate at a distance and make it clear that you always have to fight for your attention. The game of inaccessibility can be attractive, but not for long. In a relationship, no one likes to be led astray. Unfortunately, there is no room for love in your world. At least that’s how you look from the outside. So you think to play boss or is the couple already getting into action? The other side is waiting for this, and if you change, then the issue of relationships will be resolved.

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