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The pet of a family is one of the most beloved members and to think that they can do any harm is not possible, but there are cases that prove it, just as it happened to a family in England when your dog disfigured him face To a child. This is the story.

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Jodie was working when he received a call from his partner, who alerted him that his son Romy He was seriously injured after being bitten by the dog of the house: Blizzard.

According to what was recovered by the media The Sun, Romy and his brothers were having fun with some helicopters of toy, same ones that would have woken up and altered the dog, think the parents.

At the time of the accident, the person in charge of the minors was the padre, Daniel Griffiths, who was only distracted for a moment before his son Romy would start screaming.

Daniel found his son covered in blood after a dog bite will cross the nose, leaving him wounds deep in the face, in addition to affectations such as jaw fracture and tooth loss after the attack.

“He broke his jaw, he tore his entire nose, he tore out three teeth by the root… they had to put hundreds and hundreds of stitches, they lost count of how many,” said Jodie, the mother, who admits that she still has a hard time assimilating what happened.

Warning: The following image has graphic content that can alter the sensitivity of the reader.

Jaw fracture and tooth loss suffered Romy (Photo: The Sun)

Romy was operated on Birmingham Hospital, Englandin a process that lasted a total of five hours and that forced the minor to stay in the hospital to recover, a process that continues by undergoing revisions as it has grown, because the doctors fear that the number of stitches received prevents the nose from growing along with it.

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Even the family has been warned that Romy might need another operation when he is four years old and in his adolescence, this to reshape his nose and nostrils according to his growth.

Regarding the dog Blizzard, who is eight years old and most of them had spent with Jodie and Daniel’s family, the police assured that everything had been an accident, so they could keep him, but they decided not to, then the mother assured that she would not have the same trust in him.

“He was a sweet dog and the children loved him very much. He was Romy’s best friend. At the end of the day I will always put my children first and it was for the best that the dog left and hopefully was rehoused. I would never have trusted him around my kids again, I don’t trust any dog ​​anymore.”said Jodie, who hopes she can warn other families about the risk of having a dog at home.

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