Dog Finds Home With New Family After Being Dumped At Airport – NBC New York (47)

NEW JERSEY — An adorable 1-year-old dog whose New Jersey owner allegedly tied her up outside an airport 1,000 miles from her homeand then left her there as she flew back to the East Coast, she was adopted by a family who saw her the same way the day she was abandoned, the animal rescue group that took her in announced Thursday.

The dog, whom the group named Allie, was stranded outside Des Moines International Airport in Iowa four days after Christmas on December 29. Apparently, her owner dropped her off in front of the terminal when she was told he couldn’t take her home without a crate.

It didn’t take long for other travelers to report Allie’s abandonment to the authorities. One of the families that saw her that day adopted her on Wednesday, says the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. The rescue group, which cared for more than 10,000 pets last year, says the new family reached out to say Allie has been adjusting pretty well.

As previously reported, Allie’s original owner was returning home via the Newark airport after working in Iowa. She could face a dog abandonment charge in Iowa, though there were no indications of abuse, the rescue group said.

The Associated Humane Societies shelter near Newark International Airport says they see dropouts all too often.

“We have dogs on leashes, we leave them in parks and we constantly capture them. You take four out, you put in 10 more,” said Lindsay Papa, manager of the shelter.

Still, staff expressed outrage that such a sweet and lovable pup, as the Iowa group described Allie, would be left so haphazard.

“To buy a dog, to give it love, care. Just to leave it, that would be like leaving my child,” said Hakim Green, supervisor of Associated Humane Societies Newark.

Shelters like the one in Newark have many dogs up for adoption. Learn more about pet adoption here.

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