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Dog (over 50 cm)


Herd protection dog mix (mongrel)

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?? Breed: Herd Guard Dog Mongrel
?? Gender: bitch
?? Alter: * ca. 06/2018
?? Size: approx. 70 cm
?? Weight: 35 kg (upon arrival at the shelter)
?? Location: Burgos / Spain (since August 13, 2020)

Alaska is a bitch that receives top marks from Rosana, the shelter manager. Compatible with all people, conspecifics and also cats, the big bitch is a pleasure to be around.

Like so many before her, Alaska was fortunate to have Rosana rescued its predicament in the urban killing and brought it to the shelter.

Fortunately, there is now only one thing missing: her own warm basket, with ground level access to the house and garden and a species-appropriate utilization.

Alaska is vaccinated, chipped, dewormed, castrated and tested for Mediterranean diseases after a positive preliminary check and placed in suitable hands.


fond of children, suitable for families, suitable for seniors, suitable for beginners, compatible with males, compatible with bitches, compatible with cats

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