Dog is scared and escapes from the fireworks in Baja California… they locate her in the US

During the festivities of New Year, Several people are accustomed to making use of fireworks, however, this causes damage to humans and animals.

According to the Jalisco State Civil Protection and Fire Unit, last Saturday, December 31, they attended a fire generated by pyrotechnic material clandestine in the downtown area of ​​Ojuelos, leaving more than 10 people injured and material losses.

Due to the above, various public and private organizations have called to avoid the use of fireworks, since recently a dog from Baja California fled frightened by the loud sound of the rockets and reached USA.

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The case was made known by its owner, a young woman who published what happened on her Twitter account. TikTok. In said video, he described that his pet ran away from home because he was scared by the noise of the fireworks.

It is important to mention that animals, especially some breeds of dogs, have a more sensitive sense of hearing and that is why the explosions of firecrackers can cause damage to them.

When the young woman checked the location in the AirTag, which is a device that helps locate objects, people or animals; She realized that her companion of apparent German Shepherd breed was near Emery Road, in the town of Tecate, in California.

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It was then that first thing in the morning he had to go pick her up and fortunately he was able to find her safe and sound, although dirty from the dirt and rain.

It is still unknown how he managed to cross the frontera and what was the route he took to reach North American land, however, it can be concluded that it did not take him more than two days.

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