Domestic violence: “Alaskan Bush People”-Raiven leaves Bear

Is this marriage over already? Raiven Adams and Bear Brown (34) have been through a lot in their relationship: the Alaskan Bush People stars kept separating and then found each other again. In mid-January, the parents of a young son then sealed their love and gave each other the vows – but slowly things started to get worse again. Bear has recently even been accused of domestic violence. As a result, Raiven left her husband!

how The Sun confirmed, the TV fame has moved out of the common house in Washington. “She drove off in the car that brought her to Washington. She’s gone.”, assured a source. Shortly after Bear was arrested for allegedly assaulting a previously unknown person, Raiven fled the dust: “She left immediately after the incident. There is no indication that she is back in town. “

Bear, on the other hand, was released after spending a weekend in the jail cell. “He’s back at the house together,” the insider explained. Meanwhile, Raiven asked on hers Instagram-Account for privacy. “I want the best for my family and I hope this ends in my family’s best interests”she wrote in a post.

Instagram / bearbrownthekingofextreme

Bear Brown, known from “Alaskan Bush People”
Bear Brown und Raiven Adams, August 2021Bear Brown und Raiven Adams, August 2021

Instagram / bearbrownthekingofextreme

Bear Brown und Raiven Adams, August 2021
Bear Brown im August 2020Bear Brown im August 2020

Instagram / bearbrownthekingofextreme

Bear Brown im August 2020

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