Dominicans who visited the DR returned to NY disappointed

NY. Dominicans who flocked to the Dominican Republic to celebrate last Christmas with family, friends and relatives, mostly returned disappointed with the government of President Luis Abinader.

This is due to the high prices of food, medicines, citizen insecurity and the lack of jobs for their compatriots in the Caribbean country, said the general coordinator of the “300 with Leonel” Project, Geraldo Rosario.

The political leader affirms that upon his return he has had contact with hundreds of them, both in the Big Apple, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, among other places, and 85% have expressed their dissatisfaction with the prevailing situation in the DR .

“The return of the people of Quisqueyan to their respective habitats in these states, the disappointment with the current government is given as a fact, since they were able to personally feel the sad reality of the economic situation and the collapse in the control of violence and crime in the country,” he said.

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He specified that in his political work in contact with the Dominican community, he has been able to gather the feelings of many quisqueyans who affirm that their relatives in the DR cannot live in these conditions, everything is too expensive and people are afraid of going out at night.

“All these calamities that our brothers in the Dominican Republic are experiencing have given rise to despair among those who govern the country, which is why yola trips return, thousands through Mexico, and other illegal ways of leaving the country because people are desperate,” sentenced.

“Dominicans in the United States, when they saw the news, told us ‘Leonel never tires of talking about chicken and that meat is expensive, among other products,’ but today they tell us that the former president is right, they are killing people ”, he pointed out.

“For now, Luis is in free fall, those who came only talk about putting Leonel to govern the country again, people are convinced that whoever has the capacity and plans for the country to grow with equality, where Eat comes first, it’s Dr. Fernández,” Rosario said.

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