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Graduating represents a great achievement, since it is the moment in which a person has finished their student stage to start a new one. In recent years this has been reduced, due to the Covid pandemic and social distancing. Such is the case of a student whose graduation no one attended, but an Alabama teacher was able to improve.

In June 2020, the graduation of the Bessemer City High School in Alabama was the most traditional and memorable for all the students and family members, except for one who was waiting outside without company.

Dominique Moore was cleaning up after the ceremony when she noticed a student who didn’t seem to be doing well. ‘I know his mood and I knew he wasn’t himself,’ she explained. ‘Where are your people?’ she asked her, to which she replied ‘There’s no one here’.

The teacher told him “I expect great things from you and you will be fine” and then continue cleaning. Once he finished, he realized that the young man was still there, so he offered to take him home. On the way he decided to ‘celebrate’ his graduation by treating him to lunch.

The young man suggested the ‘Cheescake Factory’ restaurant so they went and enjoyed a shrimp basket with fries and a cheesecake for dessert, which the recent graduate had never tried before.

Moore, who also graduated from Bessemer City High School, said she fought back tears throughout lunch. “Man, I couldn’t imagine graduating from high school and my parents not being there. At that time, I just wanted to celebrate. It was an amazing time.”

Dominique didn’t ask why her parents weren’t there. That same day the young man would start his first job at Amazon, but he had no way to get there, so the teacher decided to take him. Hours later, that same June 18, Moore shared the story and a picture of the food as he explained “These situations are common to me and I handle them alone […] You don’t always have to show or tell everyone when you do something but this one didn’t sit well with me. I don’t know why it was.”

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Wanting to do more for her student, Dominique added her Cash app, $mooredaeducator, to her Facebook post, in case anyone wanted to be a “blessing” to the teen. By the next day, more than $5,000 had been donated.

Dominique picked him up from work on Friday morning and then took him to a bank to open a checking account. Most of the money so far has been put into a cashier’s check as they search for a car for the teen and maybe some money for a college education.

“He is ecstatic. She was about to cry and I said, ‘No, you won’t cry in front of me,’” Dominique told her former student.

The story went viral due to the great gesture that the teacher had to turn a sad story into a help for a young man who had to pass his graduation alone.

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