Donald Trump protege fails to be elected governor in Arizona

Republican Kari Lake failed to win the Arizona governorship, despite Trump’s support, in the midterm elections.

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The American left has dubbed Kary Lake the “Trump in a petticoat”.

Lhe Republican “red wave” predicted by many American media definitely did not take place during the midterm elections. In Arizona, a key state in this election, a figure of the Trumpist was beaten. Republican candidate Kari Lake has failed to win the governorship of Arizona, according to US media CNN and NBC. After a close race, Democrat Katie Hobbs won. A new setback for the ex-president, who must announce his candidacy for the presidency of 2024 Tuesday, November 15. In any case, he promised a “very big announcement”.

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Kari Lake, convinced that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump – despite the lack of evidence – had refused to make it clear that she would accept the result of her own ballot. This 53-year-old woman, who claims the nickname of “Trump in a petticoat” which the left has decked her out, was one of the outstanding personalities of this campaign. She was seen as one of the Republican’s lieutenants during the midterm elections, the polls of which took place on Tuesday, November 8. Donald Trump was personally involved in these votes, dubbing candidates who swear absolute loyalty to him. But many of his foals disappointed, weakening his position within the Republican Party. Especially since he has to face competition from Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida re-elected triumphantly, who is said to have presidential ambitions.

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