Donald Trump supporter in Horn Hat arrested over rioting on Capitol Hill allowing ‘organic’ food

A Donald Trump supporter who was arrested for violence on Capitol Hill in the United States last week won his wish not to eat food in prison and to be given “organic” food instead.

Following the violence at US Capitol Hill, several MAGA supporters who stormed the building were arrested. Among them was Jacob Anthony Chansley, also known as Jake Angeli, who became the face of rampaging hooliganism on Capitol Hill, clad in faux fur and a horn hat.

Jake courted the arrest with the FBI after going from Washington DC to Phoenix Arizona and had since been in the news for refusing to eat prison food because it was not “organic.” The man has reportedly fasted since his arrest.

According to reports, the man has now obtained his wish after Judge Deborah Fine allegedly approved his request. According to a report by Daily mail, the judge asked the prison authorities to find a way to provide organic food to Jake after his first hearing. In giving the order, Judge Deborah said Jake’s fast was “deeply concerning.”

Jake was seen with many other pro-Trump supporters inside the Capitol where members of Congress gathered to finalize the victory of President-elect Joe Biden. He was pictured standing at the Senate dais. Jack was shirtless and his body was covered in tattoos. The man had red, blue and white paint on his face to resemble the flag of the United States.

Jake is said to be a member of QAnon and believes in shamanism. According to BBC, QAnon is “a group that believes Trump is waging a war on Satan-worshiping pedophiles in politics, business, and the media.” More than 70,000 pseudonyms of QAnon members have been suspended by Twitter so far.

Since the judge ordered prison officials to respond to Jake’s request, Arizona District Marshal David Gonzales said they would follow the judge’s order.

Previously Jake’s mother Martha Chansley said it was important for him to get organic food or else her son would get sick. According to reports, Martha did not apologize for Jake’s actions and insisted that he was the nicest person she knows and that he is a patriot.

Known as QAnon Shaman, Jake is also a Navy veteran, as reported Navy time. He served in the Navy as a Supply Clerk Seaman’s Apprentice for 25 months.

In an interview last week, Jake said he didn’t do anything illegal walking through an open door. QAnon Shaman had said, “I am obeying the orders of the President of the United States.

The man has been spotted in Phoenix on several occasions during pro-Trump rallies. Previously, Jake had said that taking a shirtless walk and painting his face was a way for him to get attention.

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