Donald Trump wants control of his party and the election results

At his first appearance this year, Donald Trump revealed his plan in Arizona. He wants total control over his party and future election results.

“Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!” – that’s how thousands of people roar it in the Arizona evening sky. They want to see the man behind bars who already has to live with death threats against himself and his family. dr Fauci, the well-known immunologist and top health advisor to the US President, is currently the declared target of attacks by Republicans and Trump supporters.

Donald Trump is holding his first rally of the year this Saturday at the site where the Country Thunder Festival normally takes place once a year in Florence, Arizona. As always at these events, it is also about the ex-president.

Above all, however, Trump is concerned with introducing the Republican candidates who are loyal to him. Here on the stage in front of his many thousands of followers, they can and must prove that they stand behind him. Only then will they continue to receive his support.

“Everybody To Jail”

In Florence, Arizona, it’s Kari Lake. The 52-year-old former TV presenter is running to be governor here in this year’s election. Lake is part that plan of Donald Trump, especially in those states, to appoint Republicans who, if in doubt, would also be willing to find votes for him that may not even exist. Or to declare votes irregular that would be cast for the Democrats. In Washington there is talk of a “coup by legal means”.

Loyal to Trump: gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake (Source: imago images)

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So, before Donald Trump steps up to the mic to deliver his speech, Kari Lake whipped up the crowd against renowned Covid19 expert Anthony Fauci, proving himself worthy of Trump’s endorsement. “I want to lock someone up. And that’s the liar Dr. Fauci.”

The erupting shouts from the crowd are reminiscent of “Lock her up!” scenes from Trump’s election campaign against Hillary Clinton in 2016, when she was supposed to be locked away. “I don’t know about you, but my speedometer goes crazy every time he opens his mouth,” says Kari Lake.

And Lake wants to jail even more people right here in Florence if she only had the power to do so: “Everyone who was involved in this corrupt, shady and shabby election in 2020!”. Then Lake yells, “Lock them away!” The crowd cheers.

Kari Lake knows what to say. It’s on a piece of paper she’s holding in her hands. And she has done it many times. After the 2020 presidential election, she had already called for the deputy governor of Arizona, who is responsible for organizing elections, to be arrested. Republicans are particularly interested in posts like these.

“It’s almost a cult”

Like the state of Georgia, Arizona is an extremely negative symbol for Donald Trump and his supporters. In 2020, the so-called swing state was one of the crucial states that ultimately fell not to him but to Joe Biden. Ironically, the broadcaster Fox News, which had previously favored him, was the first to commit himself: his democratic opponent had won.

When Donald Trump finally got on the stage in Florence at around 7:30 p.m. this Saturday evening, he emphasized relaxation. He wears his white shirt under his blue coat open at the top, no tie. He wears a red cap with “Make America Great Again” written on it. He throws a few more MAGA hats into the cheering crowd.

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The country’s major TV stations do not broadcast his first rally. But the right networks Newsmax, OAN und Real America’s Voice News stream. A Newsmax presenter just about has the former ambassador Richard Grenell in an interview. She openly asks him how it is possible that Donald Trump has so many supporters. “It’s almost a cult,” she says. Grenell says it’s because of frustration with Washington. “It’s no longer a battle between Republicans and Democrats. It’s a battle between Washington and the rest of America,” he says, calling Trump a necessary outsider. Because the politicians didn’t listen. That’s why it needs ordinary people from “everyday life”.

“Leave our children alone!”

Donald Trump then speaks for almost an hour and a half. It’s the program he’s been promoting since leaving the White House. It’s about “the stolen election,” inflation, the crime rate, and his pet project, the Great Wall on the southern border with Mexico. And again and again it’s about the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Trump has been calling it “the most shameful moment in American history” for months. He specifically appeals to the honor of the US military and praises the veterans.

You would see it in the Biden administration’s pandemic management. “They are evil or they are incompetent,” says Trump. And he demands: “Leave our children alone!” They shouldn’t have to wear masks because they have a “beautiful immune system”. He later claims that the Democrats are also in favor of babies not only being aborted at any time, but also being killed after birth.

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Trump describes the investigative committee set up by the Democrats into the storming of the Capitol as a “Stalinist show trial by Nancy Pelosi”. He announces that when power is restored it will conduct “its own investigation”. He blames alleged FBI agents for the developments of January 6, 2021. They would have asked people to go to the Capitol. “How many people at the Capitol were FBI informants or agents?” Trump asks. To this day, the “Fakenews” press refuses to report on the fact that the largest crowd ever in Washington listened to his speech.

Trump’s first rally of 2022 is the first taste of what’s to come in the midterm election year. For him and his comrades-in-arms like Kari Lake or Richard Grenell, it’s still about to sow distrust in the correct conduct of the elections and in the media. The democratic institutions remain the focus of the attacks.

In December, the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics published a survey of young people that showed how sustainable this strategy seems to be, especially among young people. A majority of 52 percent of 18- to 29-year-old Americans believe that US democracy is “in trouble” or “failing”. 35 percent believe that they may experience a civil war in their lifetime. The numbers are even more pronounced among Republican supporters.

One of Trump’s last sentences that evening: “We’ve only just begun. And we will never back down.”


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