Donovan Mitchell responsible for 99 points from Cavs!

What exactly did we just see? Nah, it’s hard to understand, we thought Donovan Mitchell had planted 71 points. Ah, we are told in the headset that we understood very well. Well, as a famous football fan said, “after seeing that…”.

Seriously, we need to sit down for two minutes and discuss this mentally ill perf. SEVENTY-ONE ???

We’re going to double-check one last time, because we ourselves don’t believe it. If so, it’s a 1 behind a 7. We knew Spida capable of putting his hardened steel pair on the table and taking the lead in scoring, but at this point? This is (almost) never seen. How many did better? Three players. In history. And to go a little further? So aim for this:

Here is where the artist arises… Ah, and Spida had “only” 16 points at half-time for information. The Cavs took on water 18 lengths from their opponents, and there… the messiah. 24 points in the 3rd quarter, 18 in QT4 and 13 in overtime. I-nar-re-table. Remontada concluded, all the psychologists in Illinois are rubbing their hands because the Bulls fans are gone for 15 years of therapy. It’s going to scream “No Donovan, not the buttocks!” in the middle of the night, we will understand nothing.

An All-Time perf which translates well the current atmosphere in Cleveland. Donovan Mitchell feels good, he has found a group in which he has integrated perfectly, and the team trusts him 100% to take the reins when necessary. There, it was necessary, and Spida responded present. No, we mean he answered HERE.

Now, we’re all going to go back to our lives (work, class, whatever) but we know each other. We are living through historic moments, so we might as well all enjoy them together.

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