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According to estimates, the oil field discovered in 1968 will be exhausted around 2020, but a few years ago another huge oil field was discovered further north

The Alaska railroad covers the route from Seward (on the coast) via the largest city Anchorage to Fairbanks

There are numerous music festivals in Alaska, for example in the state’s two largest cities, Anchorage and Fairbanks. The main orchestra in the state is the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra, although those of Fairbanks and Juneau are now better known. The Anchorage Opera is currently the only professional company in Alaska; there are also a few amateur and semi-professional orchestras in the state.

In the interior of Alaska there is a continental, in the west a subpolar and in the north a polar tundra climate. The winters here are long, dark and very cold. In the short summer it can get quite warm, on the north coast the temperatures rise above 0C. Even on the peaks of the mountains north of the Rocky Mountains (up to 3000m), a large part of the snow melts in summer. Except for the summer months, there is little precipitation (100-300mm), mostly in the form of snow. Here, even in winter, temperatures rarely drop below 10C, the summers are only moderately warm. But it is very humid, there are sometimes 300 rainy days per year. In the south of Alaska, the glaciers sometimes extend to the sea.

On June 3, 1942, the Japanese launched an air raid on the US base Dutch Harbor in Unalaska.[6] The US forces were able to repel the planes and save the base, which also survived a second attack with minor damage. On June 7th, the Japanese landed on the islands of Kiska and Attu, where they overpowered the inhabitants. The latter were brought to Japan and interned there for the remainder of the war. The residents of the Pribilof Islands were evacuated from the USA in 1942 to southeast Alaska, where the 881 Alaska Natives had to stay until the end of the war. They received $ 12 a head compensation

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After the USA bought Alaska from Russia, they hoisted their flag there on October 18, 1867; today we celebrate Alaska Day on this day. For the residents, Friday, October 6th, was followed by October 18th, 1867, also a Friday. The unpopular purchase was known as Seward’s folly or Seward’s refrigerator, even if it later proved valuable through the discovery of gold.

Gates-of-the-Arctic-Nationalpark The Gates-of-the-Arctic-Nationalpark is with 32,375km the second largest national park in the USA. The heartland of the national park is formed by the northernmost foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the Brooks Range. There are three different species of bears in the park, caribous, moose and migratory birds. The landscape is characterized by boreal forests with spruce, birch and aspens to alder, taiga and marsh.

Commercial fishing was established in the Aleutian Islands at the beginning of the 20th century. Cod and herrings were salted, and salmon were canned. Another traditional occupation, whaling, continued without regard to hunting. The headland whales have been brought to the brink of extinction in order to preserve the oil in their tissues (however, in recent years, with a decline in commercial fishing, the population has recovered to such an extent that indigenous peoples can catch many specimens each year without a endanger the existence). The Aleutians soon suffered severe problems from the destruction of the fur seals and sea otters that they needed to survive. Not only do they use the meat for food, but also the hide to cover their boats, without which they could not hunt. The Americans also advanced into interior and arctic Alaska, killing the fur animals, fish, and other game on which the indigenous peoples depended

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Wide tundra, seemingly endless valleys and wild river courses alternate with gigantic mountain ranges, narrow canyons, deep fjords and northern rainforest. Alaska is home to more than 3,000 rivers, three million lakes, and 17 of the tallest mountains in the United States. Among them is Denali (Mount McKinley), which at 6,194 meters is also the highest mountain in North America. Although there are more than 100,000 glaciers, including numerous imposing tidal glaciers that extend into the sea, only three percent of the land area is covered with glaciers or ice fields. Two thirds of Alaska are under nature protection, there are 17 national parklands, more than in any other US state. All of this makes Alaska a land of superlatives. Despite its enormous size, only around 740,000 people live here, almost half of them live in Anchorage

During the Second World War, the three outer islands of the Aleutians Attu, Agattu and Kiska were the only occupied part of the USA. The battle became a matter of national pride as it faced the first foreign military campaign on US soil since the War of 1812.

Homer is the westernmost coastal town which can be reached through the Alaska Highway System. Approximately 5. Anglers from all over the world in particular are attracted by the very large halibut.

If you want to experience something very special, I recommend a guided tour with a jeep, on which you will be accompanied by a local guide and get unique insights into the wildlife of Alaska. The sightseeing flight in a small plane is even more exclusive. This costs around 335-550 per person and shows you the national park on a 1-hour flight from the air. An experience that is not exactly cheap, but unforgettable. You can book the experience with Sheldon Air Service, Fly Denali, K2 Aviation or Talkeetna Air Taxi

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Explore the incomparable nature of Canada and Alaska & marvel at the unique mix of breathtaking nature and pulsating metropolises

The US Secretary of State William H. Seward arranged the purchase of Alaska on April 9, 1867 for 7.2 million US dollars (around 90 million US dollars based on today’s value). Alaska and the neighboring Yukon Territory in Canada were the scene of a gold rush in the 19th century and remained an important mining area even after the gold reserves ran out. On July 7, 1958, US President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the Alaska Statehood Act, paving the way for Alaska’s admission to the United States as the 49th state on January 3, 1959

Agriculture can only be practiced in the river gorges (for example on the Yukon). Mainly fur animals are bred.


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